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08.14.14 August 2014

CHEF’S DIARY: Testing … in preperation for Taste Project


Not only am I testing recipes for Taste Projects, but in true Recchiuti style, I am putting myself to the test as well. I’m pushing myself out of my usual comfort level in order to come up with innovative variations, methods, formulas, and techniques – with a special twist on a theme.

For example; I’ve been experimenting with “Burrata on a Stick,” an Italian cheese usually served fresh and at room temperature. The name “burrata” means “buttered” in Italian. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual and soft texture. This recipe developed from my musings on traditional Caprese salad. The Caprese salad, is a simple combination of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil seasoned with salt and olive oil, was made to evoke the colors of the Italian flag (red, white, and green). My twist on this “salad” begins with the burrata being whipped (yup, even further than its original “buttering”) using a robot coupe. It is then piped into ice cube molds …

Piping into ice cube molds

and Popsicle sticks inserted into the thick mixture …

Popsicle Sticks

I finish each cube with a thin coating of white chocolate before freezing it to set.

Spraying Burrata cubes

The burrata cubes are served with a basil caviar, oven roasted tomatoes, and a pipette of extra virgin olive oil.

Making Basil Caviar


The “Burrata on a Stick” is one of the many flourishes on old recipes that we plan on serving in the Taste Project series at theLab, which are starting in September. In the meantime, I’m on to experiment further with various styles and recipes to present to you, our enthusiastic and loyal Recchiuti fans. We may share more morsels on simmering themes and partnerships. Stay tuned…….



Our tickets are on sale now from our website for our Sutton Cellar and Recchiuti – wine themed Taste Project. Help us celebrate the return of the Taste Project the weekend of Friday September 12th and Saturday September 13th as we celebrate the re-opening of theLab. I hope to see you there!

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08.1.14 August 2014

Welcome to the Taste Project



TP_LabCrowdOutsideLike many here in the Bay Area, we love entertaining, we enjoy the familial gathering to eat, drink and banter into the late evening … we enjoy the company of old friends and meeting new, share stories and delight in mutual experiences. The Taste Project is a place we’re creating to do just that and much more.



TP_CheeseMenuWe’re reviving a place to commune in Dogpatch, where passion for food and art converge. From favorite foods like cheese or craft beer to bespoke themes such as glassblowing – all evolving around dining and conversation.


TP_CheeseSouffleComforting meals, yet elegant …


TP_HoboWinePourPouring wine from small-producers with the same experimental spirit …


TP_CheeseChocolateTubeNew formulas and presentations …


TP_KimGathering of friends and colleagues …


TP_Elisa_A place that evokes a smile at the end of a long day.



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