Wine : : September 12
Carl Sutton of Sutton Cellars
Menu and wines featuring Wines & Vermouth, from Carl's Dogpatch winery. Carl's wines will be available for purchase the evening of this event. ticket price: $95. Read More...

Glass Blowing : : September 26 & 27
Nate Watson Director of Public Glass
Learn about the parallels of glass and sugar blowing as Nate and Michael create glass and sugar artwork together. Menu items will be served on Public Glass works which will be available for purchase. Ticket price: $95.00 Read More...

Craft Beer : : October 10 & 11
Jesse Friedman of Almanac Beer

Join Michael and Jesse as they formulate a special menu with pairings of Almanac beer using seasonally driven flavors and ingredients.

Ticket Price: $95.00

Ticket for Friday...

Ticket for Saturday...

Mushroom : : October 23 & 24
Ian Garrone of Far West Fungi
Ian will take you through the process of cultivating mushrooms as Michael illustrates unique creations of savory and sweet. Ticket price: $95.00

Ticket for Thursday...

Ticket for Friday...

Salt & Bitters : : November 7 & 8
Mark Bitterman of The Meadow Portland & NYC
Longtime Recchiuti friend Mark Bitterman enlightens us with the history and use of salts found internationally and bitters ... a new level of umami as Michael concocts recipes from uncommon flavor enhancers. ticket price: $95.00. Menu links coming soon.

Matcha Tea : : December 5 & 6
Eric Gower of Breakaway Matcha
Learn about the history and crafting of matcha tea with Eric and Michael as create interpretations of recipes from the Breakaway Cookbooks. Ticket price: $95.00. Menu links coming soon.

Wine + Beer from our Libations Menu
Lab Wine List
Sparkling + White + Red Wines offered by the glass (listed) or bottle (pricing available at cafe).

Conti di Buscareto Lacrima Brut Rose, Italy 12. + Tenuta Santome Prosecco Treviso, Italy 9.

White + Rose
WHITE  :: 2012 Manincor Pinot Bianco, Alto Adige, Italy  12.  +    2011 L'Oliveto Chardonnay, Russian River CA   11.   +    2013 Tendu Vermentino, Yolo County, CA 10.    +   2013 Cultivar Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley, CA    9.    ROSE ::  2012 Brooks Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley OR   11.

2012 Tami Nero d'Avola Sicily 9. + 2012 Hobo Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley, CA 12. + 2013 Broc Cellars Valdiguie, Solano County, CA 13.

Vermouth + La Solera by Carl Sutton
Explore the joys of Sutton Cellars Blonde Vermouth in our select cocktails and fortified wine Sutton Cellars La Solera 4th bottling, CA 12. by the glass

Duca di Castlemonte Marsala, Sicily 8.

DRY :: Cesar Florido Fino, Chipiona Spain 8.5 + Grant Amontillado, Jerez Spain 9. + Cesar Florido Oloroso, Chipiona Spain 10. + SWEET :: Cesar Florido Moscatel Especial, Chipiona Spain 9. + El Maestro Sierra Amoroso, Jerez Spain 9.5 + El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez, Jerez Spain 10.

Dessert Wines
2011 Brooks Tethys Late Harvest Riesling 12. + 2003 Fattoria di Lucignano Vin Santo Del Chianti, Italy 13.

Beer + Ale
Almanac, Honey Saison, Lager style  7.  +  Almanac, Biere de Chocolat, Porter  7.   +  Almanac, Dogpatch Sour "Limited Edition" 13.   +   Almanac, Valley of the Hearts Delight "Limited Edition" 13.   +  Almanac, Farmers Reserve Blackberry "Limited Edition" 13.


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